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because really, sometimes all you need is love; )
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it's no secret you're bleeding into air )
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& we're still playing games. )
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but it's okay- )
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and he loses his winter cap, his woollen scarf too; )
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so the wounds inside won't ache so badly anymore. )
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salt and pepper for the hamsters )
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avoid conflicts with that Starbucks counter person )
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your horoscope says )
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bleached of conformity )

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It's raining out.

They run
Looking for shelter, a place to hide
from the rain (from the world)
They're under a bridge
Old, cobbled, warm (no that's them, standing side by side)
He brushes the other off
raindrops still on his own jacket
The other silently watches, cheeks a little flushed
fingers intertwined in shyness
Thank you he whispers
Fingers pause in their ministrations
Ochre meet chocolate (no blue contacts today, today was going to be real)
a twinkle in those doe eyes
He smiles, lovingly
Of course, the smile says (not out of duty, out of love)
Sorry our date got ruined
Another smile, a true one (one he hasn't seen in so long)
It's alright
You're still with me.

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it's dark and he can't see
but he doesn't need to
he reaches out, fingertips brushing against
the other person's hand
(he knows where it is, even in the dark)
the other mutters something, words lost in the covers
but he smiles anyway
because it's nice knowing there's always someone there for you
especially when you wake up in the morning
to face another day
to face the world

(and he wakes up to brown doe eyes, beautiful in the sunrise
"hey you." and he smiles)
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hello to the world )

and i'll follow you
doesn't matter where you're going
i'll follow you
until my heart stops beating
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the walls are crumbling
down in this autumn
we fall, ever deeper

in love.

this land, so foreign
where stangers
and all things we don't understand
go by in a blur

the only thing that matters is us

them not knowing who we are
it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter

(i just want to be with you, away from those prying eyes and wagging tongues)

sweet lips
sweet words
sweet kisses

in the night
in the day
in the alley beside the cafe

we steal those moments
not because we are in danger of being caught
but because

we are in love.

say my name again
but i won't say you're beautiful

it's already so evident
i adore you so

so say my name
like how you sing - in that glorious glorious voice
- with all your heart and all your soul

say you'll be mine.
oh why did i fall in love with you

you're more than a hero
you're more than i could ever have asked for
you're more than what i deserve

but i'll still hold on.
because i'm selfish like that
i may not be perfect
but you can't blame me

you're just too beautiful, i can't let go

i can't breathe
i can't, I can't -

i can't live.
without your hand in mine
without your smile in my life
without your voice whispering in my ear

like an angel.

(i don't say it much, especially not in front of the others but i know you understand)

on stage
in another life
we are fellow members
we stand by each other

off stage
in this life
we are.. more.
we embrace each other
and we don't let go

your smile
it stops my heart
the sparkle in your eyes
it kills my heart

and i've never felt so alive

we wander through these streets, names we can't read
clack, clack, clack
boots against cobblestone
your golden hair in sharp contrast with
the churches and the square
and that baby blue sky

you call my name
standing precariously on those steep steps
high above the river

i worry
don't fall
don't fall
don't -

i grab your hand
i can't let you fall
i won't let you fall

because if you do, i'll fall too

no i won't let you fall
not for my sake
only for your own

heaven never looked so beautiful

that smile again
i can't breathe
"I -"

and then you kiss me, lightly, tentatively, teasingly.

flustered, i wonder if the cameras will start flashing
if the people will start staring

i remember
where we are and
we are but two people
in love

i smile into the kiss.


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