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 photo IMG_5206.jpg

the great fire of rome
my beloved city burned before my eyes
orange and crimson and yellow
a kaleidoscope of destruction
smoke and cinder
like a black grotesque chimera clawing at the skies


as the flames and embers reached to the heavens
I saw in them resurrection, rebirth
like the majestic phoenix who is born from its own ashes

「 万雷の喝采を聞け 」
hear the thunderous applause

behold my glory
my greatest achievement
(and I have had many, all grand and noble)
my palace theatre wreathed in gold
white marble and ceiling mosaics
come in silent awe
behold my glory

death & renaissance
too late, this is fidelity
my last words
just as the blood from my throat
poured and soaked the earth red
and that unknown roman soldier
covered me with his cloak (red, of course)

they had rebelled against me
they had stayed silent when I was thrown out
(were they still merely obeying the audience instructions in my theatre?)
it was my greatest error to love them in a way that they could not understand

I slept for centuries
having loved but not be loved
I slept
until the light, like Sol himself, awoke me
and I was reborn
clothed in red
cleansed with white

I am Saber
I am Nero

photo taken & edited by me
featuring sega premium fate/extra ccc saber bride figure
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a big big big big big thank youuuuuu to [livejournal.com profile] bulletthestars for introducing me to the wonderful online photo editor: pixlr !

I've been struggling with making graphics ever since I switched to my macbook air because I always used paint.net on my pc previously and there was no equivalent on the mac. I downloaded pinta (touted to recreate the paint.net experience) but it just wasn't working for me.

then recently, [livejournal.com profile] bulletthestars started making her own gorgeous edits (WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG GIRL?? LOL) and I was wondering what photo editing software she was using and just. I'm so glad I asked :'D and thanks to her for telling me of course!!

pixlr works like paint.net but is like 2 times better somehow for me (I would say it's down to software advances) so omg it was so comfortable and a joy to use :'D gonna use it permanently from now on! used it fine even with just my laptop's trackpad!

sooo here is the product of my messing around with pixlr! I've been wanting to use this image of saber (nero) and caster in their primordial myth armour/costumes ("emperor" for saber and "goddess" for caster) :D

 photo nero_caster.png

ver. 1 | 800 x 600
featured on my lj profile page

 photo nero_casterver2.png

ver. 2 | 800 x 600

as always, no reposting, no re-editing of any kind (unless it's for your own wallpaper and you have better skills than me and can extend it to like 1400x900 for your personal computers then that's okay). so yes, if you want this for personal use, that is allowed. but if you want this anywhere on your own sites such as tumblr, please leave a comment here and I will get back to you asap on what I would like to do with it! :D

thank you for stopping by

resources: featuring textures by the amazing [livejournal.com profile] nivani :)
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can I declare my love for saber even more?

by right I want this for my personal use only
(on this journal and my blogspot)

BUT. if you really want it somewhere on your own site, PLEASE credit [livejournal.com profile] daemon_angelus
leaving a comment here would be awesome as well :)


I really like this one ;-;

unedited ver. |

wallpaper size ver. |

made an iphone 5 size wall as well :')
works best as a home screen
640 x 1136 |

here are two of my failed attempts at the iphone wall
so damn difficult :/

original image (warning: it's really huge)
from fate/extra ccc EXTRA garden

text taken from the english translation of shingeki no kyojin's op
guren no yumiya by linked horizon

if you haven't figured it out.. that's saber bride / nero in her alternate costume :3

anime has really inspired me this holiday :') so happy that I can still create and the graphic inspiration still strikes! I intended to have some sleek game-like interface (think SAO) instead of the text, reading WILL YOU BE MY MASTER? with yes / no options below in a very nice modern light blue buttt you know. things don't always come out exactly how you imagined them xD all the photo editing I do on vscocam also paid off I like to think ovo

thank you for stopping by ♥


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