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 photo IMG_5206.jpg

the great fire of rome
my beloved city burned before my eyes
orange and crimson and yellow
a kaleidoscope of destruction
smoke and cinder
like a black grotesque chimera clawing at the skies


as the flames and embers reached to the heavens
I saw in them resurrection, rebirth
like the majestic phoenix who is born from its own ashes

「 万雷の喝采を聞け 」
hear the thunderous applause

behold my glory
my greatest achievement
(and I have had many, all grand and noble)
my palace theatre wreathed in gold
white marble and ceiling mosaics
come in silent awe
behold my glory

death & renaissance
too late, this is fidelity
my last words
just as the blood from my throat
poured and soaked the earth red
and that unknown roman soldier
covered me with his cloak (red, of course)

they had rebelled against me
they had stayed silent when I was thrown out
(were they still merely obeying the audience instructions in my theatre?)
it was my greatest error to love them in a way that they could not understand

I slept for centuries
having loved but not be loved
I slept
until the light, like Sol himself, awoke me
and I was reborn
clothed in red
cleansed with white

I am Saber
I am Nero

photo taken & edited by me
featuring sega premium fate/extra ccc saber bride figure
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A post of writings inspired by the accompanying graphics
From Aion, the MMORPG by NCSOFT and my most favourite thing ever
Featuring my Elyos characters, with cameo appearances by another player's toons

Edited screenshots and writings are all done by ME, daemon_angelus
**No reposting of any kind is allowed because fuck you, I love this set okay**
Please leave any comments & questions that you may have and I will get back to you asap <3

♛ - ♛ - ♛

 photo IMG_4220.jpg

| home is where the heart is.
there are moments of peace and tranquil serenity
to be had, small sighs of relief
when she can forget about this war that
started long, long before she was even born
(but she was born into)

kasuminero spiritmaster elyos oriel-plaza

 photo IMG_4227.jpg

| there is light even amongst this torn and wasted land.
a lone ranger
she wields dual pistols
in defence of what she believes in
what she has come to love as
her land, her world, her people
(she knows her enemies fight and kill for the same gloriously tragic reasons)

reinero gunslinger elyos eltnen-agairon village

 photo IMG_4224.jpg

| dragon slayers.
they came, they saw, they conquered
these were not dragons of your old lore and myth
they were real, they were here, they ruled over all
tiamat's will is absolute
we will break it
(our lives depend on it)

daemonero/kaiasu templar/gunslinger elyos tiamaranta-satra legion garrison-in front of brigade general satra

 photo IMG_4223.jpg

| hello & goodbye.
she smiles
even in the gloom of cold cold splintering rain
she smiles
even as the armoured guards march with steel on their bodies and steel in their eyes
she smiles
even as her comrades fall one by one, two by two, alliance by alliance behind her
she smiles
even though she's always on the frontlines of this eternal war
she smiles
(even when her tears are flowing and her soul is screaming)

daemonero templar elyos katalam-kaisinel's beacon

 photo IMG_4207.jpg

| love comes in unexpected places.
"it's beautiful, isn't it?"
he does not reply, just keeps to chanting
the spells that heal her wounds
the others of her team had flown to another platform
seeking their gold and riches
while she admires the sublime waterfall inside this crystal cave,
just so her mind does not wander to the pain from her wounds
- it was her duty, she was always on the frontlines, she was always protecting others,
never expecting to be protected in return -

"I'm sorry", he whispers, barely audible over the gushing water
but it echoes, reaches her ears,
and she turns to him, confused and bewildered
- it was her duty, it was her role, it was -
"I'm sorry I couldn't protect you well enough"
(she starts to feel the ache in her heart fade away)

daemonero/defrayal templar/cleric elyos eye of reshanta-divine fortress-unstable abyssal splinter-the crystal mezzanine : unstable splintercore

 photo IMG_4222.jpg

| let it snow.
her first snowfall in oriel
light and fluffy, a snowflake melts instantly on her button nose
she had heard asmodae was a cold, bitter land of snow and ice
how could snow ever be anything other than beautiful?
(there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so, william shakespeare)

kasuminero spiritmaster elyos oriel-plaza

 photo IMG_4458.jpg

| pride of elysea.
she stands tall and proud
for that was how templars should conduct themselves
what was that ancient Atreian proverb again?
when all else fails, send a templar
they were guardians, always the first ones into battle,
ever ready to sacrifice themselves for their comrades
so was the duty of those who followed the Seraphim lord of justice, Nezekan
you died or would die for a cause greater than yourself
no matter what
(when she was younger she would cry
behind her battered shield
because everyone else said
she was never going to be good enough)

daemonero templar elyos sanctum-divine road
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s w o r d    a r t    o n l i n e

| episode 11 scenery |

I haven't made graphics in forever :'D this episode of SAO was just too beautiful, so I tried my hand at making a scenery photoset ^^ I think it came out pleasantly well <3

thanks for stopping by !
if you're bringing this anywhere else on the net, please credit [livejournal.com profile] daemon_angelus & leave a comment here so I know ^O^


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