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Title: No heart is without stain
Rating: PG
Pairing: D18 (Dino x HIbari)
Words: 914
Summary: Dino wonders that at thirty-two, he's still too young for all the blood and death in his world.


and innocence is but a forgotten dream )


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The smell of blood never leaves, never fades, never lessens, never goes away.

It covers you, no, you reek of it. Dangerous, wild, ferocious, carnivore, predator, hunter, one who only lives for the thrill of the kill.

Like it is your only law, the only thing you understand in life. Death is but an unfortunate price your victims have to pay. You crave blood - the bloodrush, the blood of others.

Are you unfamiliar with your own?

Is that why you hate me with such fervour? Because I was the first one to spill your blood, blood pure and untainted by others and their, what was the word, herbivorous ways?

Tell me, in the language of death which you are so familiar with. Tell me, with those metal fangs you always keep by your side (is there no place for me there?). Tell me -

What is it that you want, Kyoya?

Do you know what I want? Through all our battles, through all your threats of "biting me to death", through all the shouts and grunts and scars, have you ever realised what was it that I wanted so very badly?

Your blood.

Innocent, unspoiled, wild and ferocious with pure intensity, you are like a beast who can never be caged.

Things forbidden have a secret charm.

You're always right in front of me, just a silver of distance away, but I can't touch you without you drawing my blood. We are even closer during battle, when we fight, when the primaeval rage (from what? What drives our battles Kyoya? Mutual yearning for the other's blood?) forces us to strike at each other (I don't know why I still do this. I don't want to hurt you - Do I?). I don't want to break you, I can't. But the smell, the very thought of your blood drives me insane. And I lose myself in the heat of the battle all over again.

And so we fight. You because I am but another obstruction in your way to becoming stronger (for what, Kyoya? What do you fight for? Why do you yearn to be stronger?), I because I am addicted. Addicted to the fear, to the excitement, to the dizzying rush when we battle, to the smell of sweat and stinging metal and leather, to the blood, fuck, your blood -

You've broken me, Kyoya.

There is nothing left for me but you.

And sometimes, when the night is darkest and I am alone, in the comfort of the silence and the stillness, I wonder.

Am I the beast here?

Dino what have you done to me.
Although I can't really imagine Dino being all.. predatory and yearning for another person's blood.. This is such epic fail /OOC/has no plot whatsoever/has too many commas! and for my own amusement only *SHOT*

*gnaws at brain that totally corrupts Dino's personality* shall go sleep now since I've just wrote a bloodlust-filled!Dino Dx

"Things forbidden have a secret charm" Quote by Tacitus, Roman historian.
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Title: Shuffled
Rating: PG13
Pairing: D18 (Dino x Hibari)
Words: 1015
Notes: 10 songs meme, random muses. Did I mention it’s random?
First time posting, is extremely nervous and feels like she’s about to be bitten to death ._. (although she knows the people here are nice)
(Saw the meme on [livejournal.com profile] iluxia's entry)

They live, one last time. )



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