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updated: 1 JUL 2017

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guilty gear.


do you hear the storm coming. demon au

pulling stars / bottling a clear summer's day. short piece

let me swallow your desires. short piece

midnight-hellfire-sighs. demon au

your food's gotta have so(u)l. chef au

thunder&lightning. short piece

no sweeter nectar. greek god au

pop sparkle sizzle. short pieces

fallen cinders / lightning rains. demon au

wearing a shiny crown / paid by a blanc cheque. 'vegas' au

stop&start. really short piece

never know what's round the next corner. racing/grid boys au

some days. short piece

in the grander scheme of things. college au

lightning falls.

don't you wish happiness was easy.

haunted / warm smiles bleeding ice. underground!fighter au

squareone. unfinished

who's the ringmaster again. model au

one day – hope will set you free. underground!fighter au

chiaroscuro. underground!fighter au

brake switch. model au

bloodstream cloudburst. vampire!ky

thundershower. model au

stars in cloud blankets / steel and fire in my blood.

satisfaction from disentanglement.

you had me at goodbye. // lightning never strikes twice. short pieces

what's a guy to do. short piece

it's christmas after all.

the stars align --

meet - connect - meld short piece

progress. short piece

I stare into the abyss.

the Uni!AU that was never meant to be (shown outside of messaging chats).

knock the needle off the record.


(snippets dump!).

just another of those kinds of nights.

when had i forgotten how to breathe --

ablaze with hope and free.

it was never meant to be --

the missing link.

unspoken / the fire eats me up from inside.

unspoken / silence.

final fantasy. [15/13] (may or may not contain lightis)

still wishes. short piece

unravel | supernatural!modern au
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | ?

let me hear. f-locked

x. 10 prompts/one-sentence fics


b side | idol!noctis modern au.
1 | ?


I burn crimson & gold.


「 archival purposes 」

hell verse. | usuk
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 incomplete; f-locked | 6

pirate au. | usuk
1 | 2 | 3 | 4


coffee / break.

terminal velocity.

everyday rhythms.

the lightning and thunder that lie beneath.

fleeting scenes and vagrant dreams. hell verse | inc!al pov

bleached bones of sin.

promptus. pirate au

judicium. pirate au

dichrous. pirate au

walk the prank. pirate au

waking to golden nightmares. hell verse

it's nothing, but it's everything.

swept away by a subtle rebellion. incomplete | model au

e'en hell hath its peculiar laws. hell verse

black on black on black. model au

it was a thousand to one and a million to two.

235 years of stars. really short piece

melted clocks on the edge of the world.
england pov

I look at you with earthbound feet.

what is this love of ours.


volitation. really short piece

an insomniac dreams of. short piece

moebius. sweethearts week '11

green-blue lightning-fire.

for in their hopes Columbia's arm prevails.

we will never be the same. short piece

those christmas lights / light up the street / down where the sea and city meet. england pov

some other circumstance.

nothing is worse than active ignorance.short piece

6 April 1917.

they come together like stars colliding.

red.gold.blue ► side: columbian blue part 2/2

red.gold.blue ► side: venetian red part 1/2

(on the edges of consciousness) short piece

the impossible distance of twenty centimetres and two hundred years.

love is war.

pain is relative.

know thyself ◄ ► know thy enemy.

the kind of morning you wake up to.

you were all that i had known, i am nothing to what you've known.

he knows- that everything about this is not okay.

if only.

didn't we use to have it all. spain POV, england

sengoku basara.

blitzkrieg. | this electricity keeps me alive.

in which green things should really appreciate pink things more.

green objects are perplexing to pink people.

really, it's nothing.


he ate my heart.

love does/n't make everything better.

we die, as we lived, broken too many times and fixed only with each other's parts.


no added sweetener.

bleached with peroxide.

an addiction you won't miss.

no stars just love.

four hundred years and we're still playing games.

but it's okay.

there's a cold war coming.

cut yourself so the wounds inside won't ache so badly anymore.

opposites in contradiction. protected post

syrup and cigarettes.

hello/coffee series. (updated at random intervals)
1 | 2 | 3


pencil paper lyrics music/just love on a silly day.

cotton candy & coffee in the morning.

i won't let you fall.

there's nothing wrong in stealing the dreams of others for the one you love.

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