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R (ACTUALLY R) stuff under the cut (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ also I swear Fantasy by VIXX is the official anthem for solky demon!au (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

If I held your beating, bleeding heart in my hands
Would you curse me -
Or sigh into death's embrace -
He was everything I wasn't -
But dig a little deeper - sharp clawed nails into a vulnerable artery - fangs sinking into a pulsating jugular - and you'll see -
How similar we are, deep down inside - equal parts demon and angel, equal parts feral and regal - driven by a hunger (for each other, for triumph and bloodshed) that never abates -
I wonder if it was in our nature even before we met - before we were even born (created, molded) -
Maybe it's already been written in the tapestry of fate, both holy and the hellish -
That we'd have indelible voids carved into each other - satiated only with the other's presence and essence -
Beware - he will swallow you whole -
He rides into battle - death trailing behind him - astride a midnight horse with hellfire eyes - and all you see is an ethereal transcendent beauty - (long golden ponytail flowing in time with the rise and fall of the war steed's gallop, fair translucent skin concealing the almost imperceptible quirk at the razor's edge of thin pink lips) - by the time you snap out of his mesmerising gaze - mismatched eyes of hypnotic crimson and cerulean - lightning falls and his blade, humming with electricity and bloodlust - slices through fragile skin bone and your very soul -
Oh, is this what they mean by - if looks could kill -
A beautiful tangled mess - of limbs lips teeth and tongue - fingers pulling hair, baring necks and skin for canines and nails -
The first time we ever did this - I breathed the word yield against the shell of your ear, through a fanged grin and a giddy possessive haze of triumph - as you shuddered and gasped out my name to the curl of my fingers and twist of my tongue -
Now though, it's all just a farce of a struggle (the adrenaline rush - from a teasing game of cat and mouse) - because what do you not own - as the one true ruler of your dominion -

You've never commanded the same of me - not in words anyway - but your tongue writes the same covetous desires along my body - claws tattooing the same message into my skin and flesh - breathless laughter - as if I'd ever forget (you never needed, would never need, to remind me - )

Of which lord I truly serve.


You asked me once - between open-mouthed kisses and heated breaths as you dragged your nose across my cheek -
Whether they pray and chant up in the heavens -
For salvation and redemption -
I'd said, hissed out, a yes, my own claws tangling and tugging at the hair at the nape of your neck - when you broke skin and drew blood (did you want to make sure that there was as much demon in me as there was, used to be, holy - ) 
From what - vivid cerulean and bright crimson fluttering close - as you lap the question along the jut of my collarbone and curve of my shoulder - 
A low growl - but there's no hiding the wicked grin that unfurls upon my lips, drawing back to reveal sharpened canines - oh the irony - 
From the devil's sins and hell's temptations - 
And I hear the sneers in the echoes of your laughter as clearly as thunder rolling after lightning.
Do you still think of salvation - of redemption - 
Your words barely register - through a dense fog of want and need - I can't even make sense of where I end and you start - already lost to the sensation and heat - of my length pressed deep inside you (you on top of me) - I growl out annoyance and frustration but it's hard to ignore your slowing rhythm and insistent bites, claws digging into my sides - your own show of impatience at having your curiosity left hanging -
A fierce snarl and a flash of gold eyes is the only warning I give - before I'm the one pinning you to the bed, slender wrists and arms above your head - again, the taste of blood - electric fire - as one of my fangs cuts and splits your lip (your bemused smile says it all - we can't hurt each other - not that we've ever really tried to - )
You know the answer - why do you still ask -
The swift snap of my hips draws a gasp - that melts off into a pleasured sigh - and you don't even bother to hide (not anymore) - how your brows draw together, back arching and twisting off the mattress, the edges of your lips quirking into something cat-like - Humour me - (and I almost hear it as a purr - )
I curse and scowl - (even as you lay pliant for the moment with a languid wry smile, golden blond hair splayed across the sheets - ) before leaning down and - a flash of canines, grip tightening on your wrists - 
Who would desire salvation if they knew the devil himself was this beautiful and captivating -
And none of the heavenly choruses (vague splintered memories, of a time bathed in light and gold) can even compare to hearing you breathe my name in the shape of a moan.
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