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He thought he'd understood - seen a glimpse of -
Meant -
When he'd been exploring
The very fabric of the universe
The fundamental workings of evolution and biology
Doing God's work (as some people liked to put it)
But it's nothing (means nothing)
When he sees Ky Kiske - 
Two hundred years on in a world he had a hand in creating (destroying)
And the words he used to only associate with the distant divine, he instead sees
Filling the spaces between golden strands and elegant fingers and
Flowing in the lightning Ky prefers to wield (the most difficult and beautiful element to control)
And -
(Doing God's work might not be such a bad idea after all)
Oh baby you don't just pop sparkle sizzle
You burn shine glow radiant
Putting my own flames to shame
Like lightning forking through the sky
(The lightning you play like it's just piano keys and the thundering rhythm's already tattooed innate in your blood ho-hum)
When you breathe out heated staccato words and almost-curses in a language I never bothered to pick up
Against the curl of my fingers the curve of my lips and the shell of my ear goddamn it's the hottest thing
How do you do it 
(Coming from someone who's kinda almost singlehandedly responsible for world war three - )
How did you do it -
(It's like I blinked and missed the part where you stopped being sixteen and suddenly you're twenty five - from a commander to a king - still haven't aged a day -
And I thought I was the one cursed with an immortal soul)
How did you ever - 
Stop - fingers tugging pulling insistent on my hair tie, cerulean eyes sharp and intense but something lies beyond the usual electric starburst, as you drag your nose across my cheek - I can feel it, the barest hint of a wry smile, the teasing inflections in your vowels - I thought I was the one who tends to overthink things - 
May have been a snort, may have been a growl - may have been an odd combination of both - as I press canines and incisors against into fair skin -
How did you ever get so deep inside my defenses (two hundred years strong and counting) -
How did you ever let me into yours.


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