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ASDFGHJKL;; SO I FINALLY DID LEGIT DEMON!AU FOR MY OTP PRAISE BE (h a h) - and now that ky's admitted to be something of a beast and capable of brutal!fighting back during the crusades in REV2's after story, there's no better time to post demon!lord!ky (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧  was inspired by young!ky's alternate palette look during the GGX/GGXX period (black/gold uniform + brown hair) for his 'normal' demon lord appearance (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

also, R-ish stuff behind the cut 


What do the demons fear

Ennui -

Then why do they fight against the heavens and its soldiers

Because they see 'Order' as one and the same


Do not fall back -- 

But, sir! They have -

Orders are ord--
It happens faster than in the blink of an eye - one moment, the Archangel had been shouting out commands, panic twisting itself into fair skin and steel blue eyes, long blond hair whipping around as he addressed his troops sternly - in the next, he was gone - incinerated - hellfire roaring fiercely in place of where he had been -
The regular angels stand frozen with bewilderment and something akin to utter fear - helpless in front of absolute overwhelming power - as the flames part and -
Slitted golden eyes, gleaming with the fire's reflection, a razored fanged grin, clawed fist gripping the hilt of a blunt, heavy sword, as imposing as the stature of its wielder - 
No one dares to breathe - has the wits to react - except -
De - demon commander - Sol -
The grin grows wider, pulling back to reveal sharpened canines even more - Hi - 
The greeting comes out as a low growl, dissonant with the high-pitched squeal of gears as some sort of mechanism activates within the inner workings of the weapon -
Buckle up, you're in for one hell of a ride - 
The sword bursts into flames once again - as does the surrounding battlefield and all those unfortunate enough to be caught up in it -
All things return to ash
Where is he
Sol takes three steps - before he whirls around and slams the lesser demon into the nearest onyx wall -
Don't make me ask again - snarls the threat right into the other demon's face - he hadn't rushed back from the front for this bullshit -
Any previous trace of spiteful indignance vanishes instantly - when the other demon starts to feel an unsettling heat - fire, he realises almost belatedly - from where Sol's fingers grasp tight around his throat -
H-his Majesty i-is in his private chambers -
Tch - but lets go anyway - 
At least the royal attendant was smart enough to stay put where he was while Sol stalks away, rather than try and continue the farce of an escort duty, slumped against the wall and choking as he fought to regain his breath.
"Ky - "
- immediately reels to the side, one hand barely even off the doorknob as he hastily puts up a protective barrier - to avoid lightning to the face -
"For fuck - Ky!" Sol barks out with no small measure of annoyance this time, beloved be damned 
The demon lord has one arm raised from where he sits, silken sheets pooled around his waist, sparks still jumping between his fingers and across the back of his palm - his breathing ragged and laboured through gritted teeth, so much that even maintaining control over his outstretched hand seemed to be taking a considerable amount of effort -
"...S-Sol?" Ky's crimson left eye narrows in concentration - frustration - as recognition registers somewhere between the haze of discomfort and pain throbbing in his head - Ky's right hand is clutched to the other side of his face but Sol knows - that a single cerulean eye lies under the cover of his fingers -
(Sol had been the one responsible after all - had been his fault - no matter how many times Ky had told him otherwise in the past decade or so - 
- the one who had discovered Ky in the middle of a field of corpses - angels, of all ranks and manner - dead killed in what was supposed to be a heavy ambush on the demon lord - who had been returning from an expedition with a scant entourage of guards - but instead had been slaughtered by the very target of their attack - most of them burnt beyond recognition, a deadly combination of lightning and fire magic, Ky's prodigious proficiency in all elemental forms having been established since he was a mere child - 
- the image is seared into Sol's mind, when he had rushed to the scene the moment news broke - when he had called out (he knew it was Ky - couldn't mistake the other's lean willowy figure and longsword humming with whitish-blue electricity even from a distance but oddly, his previously chestnut hair had turned golden blond), voice almost cracking because he could feel it in the air - something irreparably different and nauseating to Sol's own (half, unnatural) demon blood - 
- and Ky had turned back with silvery ichor - the blood of the angels - dripping from the tips of his fingers, glinting off where it coated his fangs, Ky tonguing at the base of his palm where the fluid gathered -
It had all been Sol's fault - that Ky would ever choose to fall, chose to give up almost everything of his pedigree and lineage - for someone like Sol - who had been cast from the light of the heavens as an ugly product of taboo experimentation into forbidden forced hybridisation between angels and demons - precious few knew of the truth that ran through his veins, but unlike Ky, Sol had a suppressor of sorts, since he had been created with the purpose of being the next frontline soldier for the heavens in their eternal war against demons - )
Unlike Sol, Ky suffered from the excruciating side-effects of such a transformation - of the holy mixed with the hellish - without the aid of any restraints - 
"H-how goes.. the battle - " Ky manages between shallow intakes of breath - 
Sol swiftly crosses the distance between bed and door with a scowl that he no longer feels - gathers Ky in his arms - the bed's grand size and luxurious material evidently bringing little comfort to its occupant - tries to ignore the shivers that raked through Ky's body on his own skin, as Sol threads his hand through matted blond strands -
"Do you really think you should be worrying about such things now?" Murmurs against where he has his lips pressed to Ky's temple (even though he knows it's probably just Ky trying to distract himself from the pain and to hold on to any semblance of obligation and duty) - traces circles into the small of Ky's back with his other hand -
- hisses when he feels Ky's fangs sink into the tender flesh between his neck and shoulder - has to move to catch Ky by his wrists before the other demon reaches wherever he had attempted to claw at - stays still for a few more moments, waiting, as Ky slowly seems to remember himself again (brows drawing together apologetically, mismatched eyes widening in surprise before closing to - ) run his tongue gently in long, languid soothing laps - across where he had drawn Sol's blood, even as the puncture wounds already start stitching themselves back together - 
"Sorry... does it hurt?"
Sol merely scoffs, moves to wrap his arms around Ky's waist again once Ky settles his hands on Sol's shoulders - "Should be asking you that - "
Ky seemed to have calmed down for the most part, the voices and agony inside waning for the moment as he relaxed into Sol's proximity and warmth, a different and pleasant kind of fog starting to cloud his mind and senses as he nuzzles into the crook of Sol's neck, inhaling the comforting scent of cinders and embers -
"Mm - I'm - better - " breath hitching slightly when Ky nudges closer, trying to pull himself flush as much as he possibly could against Sol's torso - "I think" - draws his head back, to touch the pad of his thumb against the corner of Sol's lower lip - contemplates something through hooded crimson-cerulean eyes - before Ky replaces his finger with velvet lips instead - 
Sometimes, to get past (or maybe because of) the dizzying haze of pain and disconcerting voices inside him, Ky would end up pushing whatever sense of propriety and decency firmly to the back of his mind and just - a blush high in his cheeks, eyes half-closed and slightly glazed over, expression almost needy - 
"Sol - " his name comes out as a soft but urgent whine, mouthed against Sol's own lips and traced into his tongue, Ky's hands already tugging and pushing Sol's jacket off, undershirt going over his head - growls when Ky smooths his tongue over his collarbone, fangs grazing enticingly over flesh and making muscles jump  -
It's when Ky starts digging clawed nails into his shoulder blade that Sol realises the pain is returning - Ky's eyes squeezed shut, lips drawn down in a grimace - lets out an annoyed grunt - fingers curling and lifting Ky's chin to meet each other deep and long - holding them together even as Ky again breaks through tanned skin (it's nothing compared to what Sol's used to; it's nothing because it's for Ky - )
- and so it would continue, sometimes for hours on end - Sol trying to placate Ky, just being there for him, and stopping him from accidentally hurting himself - Sol was the only one who was allowed to, who could -
(He thinks he owes Ky that much, at least.)
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