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actual college!au solky (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

The request sounded simple enough, and the words certainly weren't anywhere near the bamboozling techno-mambo jargon he'd usually have to put up with at conferences for men too old to even step out of the house, let alone be allowed to steer a committee of peer reviewers for his papers - but the sentence still gets lodged somewhere between his ear and his brain and never makes it to the fully comprehended part -
"What?" Sol manages to get out intelligently about thirty seconds after Ky had asked the question (is almost completely certain that he'd heard wrong the first time - )
(But then, Ky is sucking in a breath again, holding it in his chest, a blush starting to redden his cheeks and the tips of his ears, shoulders tight and hands clasped behind his back that Sol is sure he's wringing together self-consciously - )
"W-would you - go to - this" almost stumbles over the next part, " - prom thing. With. Me. If it's not too much trouble - " eyebrows furrowing as Ky gets caught up in his obligatory, polite, run-on mode of speech - "I mean, I completely understand if you have other plans since it's so last minute, and I'm not even entirely sure what is required of me - you - uh," Sol just takes it all in with a slightly quirked eyebrow, fingers still on his coffee mug (doesn't miss the concerned waver in cerulean eyes when the thought hits Ky - ), "U-unless, you already have a d-date - or whatever it's called - "
"You know prom is only for the undergrad students right?" Easily diverts the other's focus away from the original awkward question at hand, whilst at the same time confirming, in a roundabout way that, yeah no, Sol wasn't interested in anyone besides his pretty, blond roommate (although whether said pretty, blond roommate got that point from the teasing smirk hidden partially behind a raised coffee mug was a different matter all together - )
Maybe he does, somewhere in his subconscious, because Ky's expression brightens a little - from looking like he swallowed something very gross to very-confused-and-lost-is-all, "Oh. Um. I see - "
"What, shouldn't there be girls - heck, boys too - lining up all the way round the block if word got out that you were looking for a prom date?" The teasing and the ribbing was easy and familiar. Having even hints of any of Ky's real feelings and wants and desires shoved so close to his face wasn't (the annoyed grimace on his face is probably directed more at himself than Ky, but the latter doesn't need to know that).
Ky blinks, a little dumbfounded at the claim. "Why would you think - "
"Seriously. Seriously?" And Sol can only let out an exasperated sigh when searching Ky's face for any trace of sarcasm ends up with nothing. 
A self-depreciating laugh, Ky looking away to the side out of some dumb, completely unwarranted feelings of inadequacy - "I assure you, I'm not as interesting or glamorous as some people seem to think - "
Sol is in front of him by the time he looks up again - can only think to mutter out a very witty "Um - " to the sharp glare in golden eyes, a rather serious downturn of lips, and Sol's fingers clasping then tilting his chin up, their noses almost meeting - 
"Tell that to the almost biweekly threats I get from the people in your grade and then some since word got out that I've been banging your totally uninteresting and un-gorgeous ass - "
Any indignant and confused sputtering on Ky's part is swallowed up by Sol's lips against his - keens maybe a little too eagerly when Sol's tongue moves rough and hungry against his own - cerulean eyes already sliding shut as he clutches onto the other's biceps, appreciating the tight proximity and weight, as Sol loops an arm around Ky's waist to bring their bodies flush along each other - 
Ky's already losing touch of his senses and thoughts - to the giddy pleasurable fog in his mind - whenever Sol gets like this, somehow worked up at things he didn't even know were stuff significant enough to be worked up about - and thinking is becoming a real chore, when all he wants is to bury deeper into Sol's warmth and heat - 
It's when Sol moves from his mouth - may have let out a slightly breathless moan - fingers entwining into unruly mahogany hair - to trace his tongue and teeth down the side of his neck - that Ky vaguely remembers he was in the midst of asking something rather important -
"Wait, what about the prom - "
- can only gasp, breath hitching, the rest of his sentence lost in a strangled groan, snapping forward that little inch of space more and shuddering against Sol's shoulder when the other man shoves a leg between his own and gives his ass a meaningful squeeze - 
"Really," growls out right next to Ky's ear (so he hears it even through his own short breaths and thundering heart), "You're still thinking about that now - " 
"Hah - " loops his arms and legs automatically around Sol as the other man nudges him to do so, already, almost effortlessly, carrying Ky halfway towards one of their rooms - "N-no, I guess, ah - not - " words feel heavy on his tongue, mind too occupied and focused on the task of getting as much delicious friction and heat out of Sol's mouth, neck, fingers, waist, pecs, hips, as possible - 
"Trust me, I can think of a million things way better than some horrible dinner and fail dancing - "
(And that's how Ky ends up missing his college prom night, but he thinks it's not really all that important a milestone in the grander scheme of life and things.)
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