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When he finally stops pretending
He's finally able to reach out
To a warm shining glowing acceptance redemption
That's (stubbornly) always been by his side
(The prettiest thing this side of the universe)
Almost two hundred years after he started this journey in(to) hell
When he finally stops pretending
He's finally able to -
- well, no, he still hasn't beaten the other man (Gear, his mind supplies, with much less chagrin and righteous vengeance than he'd expected) in a fight -
Maybe, he's finally able to take - at least, one step closer - 
A gloved hand stretches into his vision - blocks out the afternoon sun that's been making him squint painfully - Ky blinks, a little taken aback at the gesture, still lying flat with his back on the ground, short blond hair dishevelled and dusty with dirt and smoke (maybe the ends got a little singed), breathing heavily from the fight (that ended like the other two hundred and thirty four, unsurprisingly - )
- tilts his head, to catch gold eyes hiding under shadow - (ignores the way his heart twists a little at the rather telltale sign) - blinks again - was Sol smiling? At him? In a totally non-evil, non-sarcastic way - 
"Goddammit, get up already, boy."
Ah. There it was
Ky lets out a chuckle, his slim, uniformed frame contracting into itself slightly - Sol suppresses a grimace - an uncomfortable prick of nostalgia - memory - of how, back in the past he (Frederick) used to live in, a sixteen year old boy only had studies and raging hormones to worry about - not tasked with waging a war for the sake of humanity's survival as a species - 
His thoughts fizzle quiet when Ky finally takes his hand and hoists himself up (Sol doesn't even consciously need to put strength into it; humans always felt, were, fragile - easily, irreversibly breakable - compared to the Gears he hunted) -
"Ah - "
- trips ungracefully on a rather large pebble that had no business being there of all places (Ky would have easily regained his balance - except Sol was still holding on to his hand with a too firm grip) - kind of ends up falling into -
He can't see (beyond the white-red of Sol's Order uniform), but he can definitely hear the obnoxious grin bleeding into Sol's words - 
"If you wanted something like this that badly, you could have just asked - "
- the only warning he gives is a snap of sharp cerulean eyes, the smell of ozone building rapidly - the grin on Sol's face turns razored - into an outright smirk - 
Lightning falls -
(And it takes them something like ten more years before - )
Ky gets thwacked soundly in the forehead. 
"Ah! -- what - " moves his hand away - to an annoyed scowl and narrowed golden eyes -
"Stop being distracted - " the tips of their noses meet before their lips do, rough and smooth all at once against each other - Ky automatically clutching at the loose strands of mahogany hair at the back of Sol's neck - feels every firm tanned muscle undulating against his own naked flesh - 
"Just - " breathes out, slightly breathless - as Sol growls a little at him for breaking the momentum - "Thinking of old times - "
"Tch." Sol knocks his head(band) against Ky's forehead, as light as he can manage (still doesn't dare to go without it most of the time, even when it's just the two of them and Ky isn't exactly, well, human anymore too - it's a weird way to get one step closer to the man he'd always been chasing after - ) "Why? Aren't things better now - "
Ky hums in agreement, touches the tips of his fingers to the side of Sol's cheek - 
"Yes, yes they are."


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